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Thursday, 25 October 2012

5...4...3...2...1... NASA!

Digital Learning Network

Grab your helmets and put on your spacesuits!

NASA's Digital Learning Network provides science, technology, engineering, and mathematics or STEM content featuring NASA's missions and research.  The DLN includes 10 NASA field centers and has reached close to 1 million students and teachers using VC (videoconferencing) and webcasts that feature NASA-related STEM instruction.  Participants can take advantage of free interactive lessons and professional development events through distance learning technologies.
To learn more about the programs being offered check out NASA's DLN Event Catalogue!

The DLN also offers Special Events - interactive activities/ web-casts that are not a part of their regular catalogue and they are usually geared towards students.  With these opportunties you and your students will be able to talk to and learn from NASA astronauts, scientists, engineers, and other NASA employees.  Be sure to check our NASA's DLN Special Events page regularly to see what NASA has to offer!

I strongly encourage you to learn more about NASA's DLN programs by visiting their website!  Not only will you be able to browse their Event Catalogue and Special Events pages, and watch exciting webcasts, but you will have access to educational resource packages to support your teaching of STEM content.

Keep shooting for the stars!

Leigh Cassell
Elementary Teacher, AMDSB
Founder of the Digital Human Library

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Global Education Conference

The Digital Human Library has been selected to present at the third annual Global Education Conference, a free week-long online event bringing together educators and innovators from around the world, on Thursday, November 15th at 7:00PM EST.  The Conference runs from Monday November 12 through Friday, November 16, 2012 (Saturday, November 17th in some time zones). The entire conference is held online using the Blackboard Collaborate platform (formerly known as Elluminate/Wimba) with the support of iEARN worldwide as the conference founding sponsor, who will be running their annual international conference in conjunction with this event.

The Global Education Conference is a collaborative, inclusive, world-wide community initiative involving students, educators, and organizations at all levels. It is designed to significantly increase opportunities for building education-related connections around the globe while supporting cultural awareness and recognition of diversity. Last year’s conference featured 340 general sessions and 18 keynote addresses from all over the world with over 10,000 participant logins. 

The Global Education Conference seeks to present ideas, examples, and projects related to connecting educators and classrooms with a strong emphasis on promoting global awareness, fostering global competency, and inspiring action towards solving real–world problems. Through this event, attendees will challenge themselves and others to become more active citizens of the world. Participants are encouraged to learn, question, create, and engage in meaningful, authentic opportunities within a global context!

To attend this year's conference and to be kept informed of the latest conference news and updates, please 
join the Global Education Network.

Leigh Cassell
Elementary Educator, AMDSB
Founder of the Digital Human Library