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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

What is the Digital Human Library?

What is the dHL?
The Digital Human Library (dHL) is an online database of people who have agreed to share their expertise, knowledge, skills and experiences on a wide range of topics in a variety of subject areas.  Using only a computer, a webcam, and Skype (a free software application), people in our community and communities around the world are connecting with teachers and students in classrooms to share their ideas, teach lessons, answer questions, and collaborate with educators to build a classroom program that better meets the needs of our children.  Think of the  Digital Human Library as you would a library, but instead of books, the resources that can be signed-out are the participants (people).  These participants have agreed to be contacted by classroom teachers to collaborate on an activity, lesson, or presentation that would then be shared at an agreed upon time using Skype.  So, in addition to the use of books and other classroom resources, students will now be able to engage with real people in real time using video calling software to learn curriculum based concepts and skills in a new and exciting way. The  Digital Human Library brings the field trip experience into the classroom!

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